Canine poopingPooper scooper forks with Mini-tines® (fine tines) by Equi-Tee Mfg are the ultimate tool for picking up dog poop from grass or lawns.Purchase the Pooper Scooper Fork Here

Lets face it, nobody likes to pick up dog poop.  At best it is a necessary part of owning and caring for a dog.  At worst it is a messy, smelly job that is has to be repeated on a daily basis.  Unlike a cat, which will usually poop in a specific litter box, a dog must be allowed to walk and exercise.  Even if it is a house dog, the owner will usually need to provide several parts of each day walking the dog or spending time dealing with their dogs business.  In most cases a dog will prefer to poop on a grassy area.  And for dog owners, whether this area is a yard behind their house, or a walkway near a park, the business of cleaning up the poop must be attended to.  Equi-Tee Flex'n Forks will change the way you think about picking up poo.

Manufacturers of pooper scoopers know how disgusting cleaning up after a dog can be, and reducing the squirm factor is big business. There are dozens of tools to help with the cleaning of poop, from the simplest version of putting a bag over you hand to manually to pick the poop (eew), to all manner of shovels, forks, rakes, clamshells, pooper scoopers, pan and spades, bag holders and even vacuums to minimize hand contact and proximity!  But with all the choices, people still reuse plastic shopping bags to pick it up by hand. Why? Simplicity.  Scoops and spades tend to smoosh the poop, and metal forks catch the grass and deform.  Clamshell scoops are difficult to clean and unsanitary, and plastic bag holders put you right on top of the smelly pile.

Dog Poop removed form grassWhen it comes to picking up K9 poop, the Flex'n Fork has no equal.  It goes back to the basics, a simple fine tine fork that does the job.  At the urging of dog owners and professional dog doody cleaners, Equi-Tee Mfg is making their proven fork available into the canine market.  Molded from ultra-strong plastic, it features 25 tines that are only 5/16 " apart, just the right distance to weed the poop from a lawn.  This spacing is twice as close as a typical manure fork, suchFine Tine Pooper scooper Fork as a Dura-fork or Future fork, who's wide tine spacing lets the smaller poop fall through.  Unlike budget forks with tines that snap when they get caught in grass, the Mini-tines flex and the reinforced lever in the backbone makes the Flex'n Fork amazingly resistant to breaking.  Flex'n Forks also feature a fiberglass hand pole and a comfortable ergonomic grip.  The shaft is full length, so no stooping or bending is required to collect the poop, and a perfectly sized basket, with taller sides means less trips to the waste can.  Best of all, the fiberglass shaft and plastic basket means the entire fork can be hosed off, without worrying about any unsanitary bits left behind on a wood handle.

Farmers and ranchers know that they can depend on the Flex'n Fork because Equi-Tee has been making premium quality manure forks and sand rakes for years. The Mini-Tine® version was designed to separate the smallest pieces of horse manure from bedding, and is widely used for goat, llama, alpaca and chicken and other smaller manure collection.

The Flex'n fork with a fine-tine basket costs just $59.95 and is a terrific value that will last for years.